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Marketing tip of the month

Nicola Proud
Market research is the key to finding out what your customers want

August 2006

Market research is the key to finding out what your customers want and whether they are happy with your products or services.  A great way to find out more about your customers is simply to watch them.  If possible go outside and observe your customers coming into your premises.  What attracts them?  Do they seem satisfied when they leave?  You can also watch them receiving your product or service.  What types of people are using your product or service?  How are your staff treating the customers?  By looking at these things you will be researching your customers in a cost effective way.

For example a restaurant manager could take a step back from working the restaurant floor one evening and observe what happens in their restaurant.  He could note the type of people in the restaurant e.g. are they young or old, families or couples?  He could note how long customers have to wait for their meals and whether they appear satisfied with this.  A manager could see how the staff treat their customers and how they handle queries or complaints.  All of this information can be used to improve customer service and target the appropriate markets.



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