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Success Stories
Arnold being presented with the FCSI Award at Old Trafford
Arnold with the Catey
Arnold being presented with the LACA Outstanding Achivement Award

At AVF Marketing Ltd we are very proud of our success.  We have won several awards at national and international level.  We also encourage our clients to enter awards and can help write award entries and give advice about getting the most out of your nomination. 

Arnold won the Foodservice Catey in 1988.  This is regarded as the Oscar of the industry and the awards are run by Caterer and Hotelkeeper.

In 1989, Arnold won the Daily Telegraph Award for Marketing Innovation and a Chartered Institute of Marketing Award.  In the words of the judges “he pioneered a revolution in school meals”.

Three awards from the Local Authority Caterers Association including the Nan Berger Award (2001), the Marketing Award (2003) and for Outstanding Achievement (2005).

The Cost Sector Marketing Award for 2004.

The 2004 Foodservice Consultants Society Worldwide Award for Management Advisory Services.

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