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Marketing tip of the month

Karen Fewell
Eye level is buy level

October 2006

In a busy world with so much to see and do getting your business or service noticed isn’t always easy.  But you should make things easier for yourself by placing products or promotional material at the right height for your customers to see clearly. 

You may work in a café where a lot of your customers sit down.  In seating areas make sure promotional signs are placed lower down in line with your customer’s eye level.  Or if someone is going to be stood at your counter whilst being served you should display items higher above.

If you are selling to children remember they see things from a different height to adults so bare this in mind when you are displaying that all important present that they all want this Christmas. 

Everyone should provide a service to wheelchair users so ensure you have taken this into account too.  You may need to put up two signs or products at different height levels.  Why not take a walk round your service area or shop and check you are displaying materials in the right place?





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