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Marketing tip of the month

Arnold Fewell
Top tips to help you with your press releases

December 2006

A press release is the most used tool in PR.  You may have a PR specialist who writes your press releases but you will still need to check them or you may write your own.  Whichever it is these handy hints will help you get the most from your press release.

  1. Your story must be newsworthy and must interest the journalist straightaway.  Include details of who, what, why and when in the first few paragraphs so the main bulk of the story is included at the start.
  2. Don’t waffle and write unnecessary information. A journalist doesn’t want to read pages and pages of copy.  Once your press release is laid out correctly it shouldn’t be more than 2 sides of A4.
  3. To make it easy to read format the paragraphs in double line spacing and font size 12.  Choose a font that is easy to read such as Arial or Times New Roman.  
  4. You will need to adapt your press release to suit your audience to increase the chances of getting the story read or heard.  For example a tabloid story will be written differently to a broadsheet.  This means if you are targeting trade press too you may need 3 or 4 different versions. 
  5. Don’t give up. Many people send out a few press releases which don’t get used and then give up thinking the media isn’t interested.  But keep trying.  When you have sent out your press release call the journalist to check they have received it and see if it is something they will be able to use.  Building relationships with the journalists is an important part of PR.


Look out for more press release advice over the next few months and come back in January to get your marketing off to a great start in 2007.




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