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Marketing tip of the month

Lyn Fewell
More great top tips for your press releases

February 2007

In December we gave you some top tips to help you with your press releases but we’ve got loads more for you.  Keep coming back to see what tip we’ve got for you next month.

  1. Try and include a positive quote in your press release from someone else such as a customer, supplier or spokesperson for the business.  This will bring your press release to life and give you a third party endorsement. 
  2. Research what media you are going to send the press release to.  There are some good press guides out on the market that cover UK, European and Worldwide media.  An online version allows you to search under categories and area and includes all the different media types.  Visit for more information
  3. A PR planner is a great tool when planning your news stories.  You can see what events are happening in the World that you need to be aware of.  For example, if you are a small charity planning to send a press release out about your local event you don’t want to send it out on the same day as a national charity awareness day as your press release may get lost under the other stories.
  4. Use the PR planner to your advantage and tie in with other events.  You can find out about events from British Sandwich Day to World Book Week to film, music and product launches so see if you can link up to other events that will already be in the media eye.
  5. Include contact details at the end of your press release so the media know who to contact for further information.  Make sure you include your email address and landline and mobile numbers as journalists are usually on tight deadlines and may need to speak to you urgently, out of office hours. 

If you need any further help or advice with your PR and marketing then why not contact AVF Marketing.



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