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Marketing tip of the month

Arnold Fewell
Communicate with your customers in a way they understand

March 2007

There are many ways your customers can be segmented – age, sex, profession, location, etc. but you shouldn’t speak to them all in the same way.  You need to make sure the language you use to communicate with your customers is appropriate, understood and accepted. 

Our school meal websites are a great example of market segmentation.  Our first website is aimed at teachers, parents and Primary School pupils and each section of this site is written in a different style with separate pages for each customer. 

We also have a website aimed at Secondary School students at  This is written in a style appropriate to this market and before it was created a huge amount of research was done to look at the activities teenagers were interested in and the language they use to communicate.  Each time we wrote a new section we checked that our test market felt it was suitable. 

However you communicate with your customers whether it’s via email, face to face, on a website or in promotional literature make sure it’s in language they understand and accept.  Don’t patronise or use too much jargon.  Use plain English that is appropriate for the each customer, both existing and potential.




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