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Marketing tip of the month

Lynn Fewell
Enter industry and local business awards

July 2007

Have you ever entered your business into an award? 

Awards bring many benefits to a business.  They give new PR opportunities, raise your profile and show customers that you are worth doing business with.  If you don’t already know what awards you could enter, spend a bit of time researching on the internet and reading trade magazines. 

AVF Marketing has entered and won several awards.  The most recent success was getting through to the national finals of the British Small Business Champion.  As a very small family business we are very proud of this achievement and it is good to know our efforts have been recognised. It has done a lot for staff morale. Although we had to take time to write the award and attend judging days the rewards are definitely worth it.  The story has appeared in local press and it has raised our profile nationally.

If you are going to enter business awards it is worth keeping a folder of all the things you do that can be used as evidence to support your entry.  This could be press cuttings, tenders or sales pitches, and presentations that you have done. 

When writing your entry read everything about the award so you know exactly what the judges are looking for.  Then highlight how you have done this in your business.  The more information you can give the better.  However you must stick to the word count that is given.  Make sure your entry stands out and is well presented.  Organisations receive hundreds of award entries so ensure it looks better than the rest so you can catch the judges’ eye.

AVF Marketing can help you write award entries just contact us to find out how.


You can see how AVF Marketing helps other by visiting our social responsibility page.  We can offer you help and advice on the different ways to fulfill your CRS.  We also have experience in local and national fundraising so we can help your business to help others.




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