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Marketing tip of the month

Nicola Proud
'Tis the season to do business, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

November 2007

Christmas is a busy time of a year but in business how can you maximise sales opportunities during the festive season.

  • You could send Christmas cards to all your clients.  You should include present and previous customers because it reminds them that you are there and still able to help them. 
  • If you have a distinct target market, why not send Christmas cards to your database of potential customers.
  • Charity Christmas cards are a great way of showing others just how much you care.  You can have the cards printed with your company logo and contact details for a truly personal touch.  

  • A Christmas themed promotional gift may be appropriate at this time of year.  Three dimensional direct marketing is where you send something extra, not just a standard letter promoting your business. It will make your information stand out and if it is something the recipient can keep they will have a reminder of your business all year round.

  • Be careful about contacting certain industries at this time of year.  Some organisations completely shut down over Christmas and for others they work right through so check and plan ahead. 

  • If you are a retail business this is probably your busiest time of the year.  Make sure you have enough staff available to meet customer demand and ensure they are all trained to be able to deliver excellent customer service at what can be a stressful time. 

  • If you are delivering a product to a client make sure you take into account Christmas post delays and last postal dates.  The last thing you want is an unhappy customer in this traditionally happy time. 
  • Think about whether you could run a special Christmas promotion to help maximise sales.  Is your product one that could be bought as a present? If so, make sure customers hear about it and suggest the idea to them.  Or if it is not a suitable present you could still offer ‘goodwill to all men’ with a great Christmas promotion for clients?

  • Christmas parties offer a fantastic networking opportunity.  You could invite your best customers to your work social event or attend networking opportunities that your suppliers invite you to.  Sometimes your party venue may have other businesses attending the same event so it’s worth checking to see who else will be there. 
  • But REMEMBER not everyone celebrates Christmas.  With different cultures and diversities it is not a festive time for everyone so remember to be sensitive and make sure that your customers won’t be offended with your Christmas gestures. 




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