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Marketing tip of the month

Karen Fewell
April 2008

We work very closely with a design agency called InDzine. For this month’s tip we have reproduced an interesting article from their website:

Has your boss banned you from Facebook at work? Does your manager think social networking is a distraction?

I am now using social networking for work. In my lunch hour yesterday I logged on to check my personal plans for the party I am going to tonight. But then I got distracted with ways Facebook can help my clients.

Within an hour I had:

  • read messages in specialist groups where I could respond with solutions provided by one client
  • helped raise the awareness of a promotional campaign for a charity I am working with
  • gained feedback on new logo designs for a client moving their business forward for the digital age

It got me thinking, so I typed and came up with even more ideas! My colleague called me a geek, but I used to social bookmark all the pages so I can show my clients ways they can move their marketing forward in the age of web 2.0.

If you would like me to come and talk to you about digital marketing then email or

Digital marketing is the future. Traditional marketing tools like advertising and PR will be used to drive people to their digital marketing media such as websites and blogs, so you need to think about these ideas now.




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