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Marketing tip of the month

Nicola Proud
August 2008

Clear targeted messages

Too often we send mixed or poorly targeted messages to our customers. We think if we give customers lots of information then it will be easier for them to make a decision. But look at what happens on websites or news feeds on the Internet. There are two sentences to entice you into the story. We then have to click on “more” if we want to read on. And the joy of the Internet is we can count the number of people that click through.

When we send out direct mail letters, emails and brochures we have just a few seconds to interest the reader and encourage them to read on. If they stop reading then we have wasted our marketing resource because the message has not got through.

Another way of encouraging people to read on is by having numbered bullet points. A short opening paragraph with your key messages prioritised in bullet points can be very effective. At all times keep your messages simple, clear and easy to read.


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"On average it takes five contacts to make a sale with a new customer"
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